Focus on Learning

At Castle Kindergarten we have an underpinning belief that all children are entitled to learn in stimulating, creative environments with a range of materials and equipment and the sort of experiences that help them to develop confidence and competence. We are very happy to share our experiences in making high quality provision ‘come to life’ and to this end we have an Early Years Adviser on our staff team.

Kay Rooks is dedicated to the professional development of those working with young children through the provision of relevant, helpful courses and in-setting support that is delivered with the sharing of effective, creative approaches to improving children’s learning very much in mind. We recognise the importance of the social context in which children learn and so the promotion of well planned, carefully resourced environments and the growth of strong sensitive relationships with and between children, parents, carers, and the community are cornerstones of our philosophy. Kay provides these courses and her support for settings under the name of “Focus on Learning”

Kay offers CPD on many aspects of learning for the early years and Key Stage 1. We have a short programme of courses for you to browse through below and if you are looking for something special, please just ask as we may well be able to oblige.

Please contact Kay Rooks on 07807383264 or


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